About us


I am Nikki Wallenberg. I am the owner of twisted sisters sweetz.

Nikki Wallenberg/Owner

I am Nikki Wallenberg. I own Twisted Sisters Sweetz. I have been baking for as long as I can remember! Nothing made me happier than in the kitchen baking up a bunch of sweets. I have over 12 years experience making professional tasty treats. I love Lucille Ball! She is an inspiration for me. I love old retro 50's vintage. 


Valorie Johnson

Valorie johnson is my mother and partner. She has always been an inspiration to me and has inspired me in many ways. We agree on many things, disagree on many things and even bicker time to time.  Even with all of that there is nobody I would want by my side more than her. She is funny, full of spirit, knowledgable, caring and has a huge heart!



Dana JOhnson

Dana Johnson is my sister. She helped me in the beginning quite often. She is amazing with fondant work and crafty with sculpting tools. She is smart, loving, outgoing and always up for a challenge.We have a blast together and I am honored to call her sister!